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Like September, October has been a whirl wind of deadlines, and of course all those needy clients are keeping me from blogging. There’s much to share, and I plan to have a postathon over the next week or so.

This is a new CMS site for that has been integrated with WireDrive, a nifty online video portfolio tool that many in the film industry have embraced. The integration allows Directorz to edit different portfolios for their film/commercial directors on WireDrive and they instantly update the portfolios on the site. Additionally, all the content is editable/CMS (Content Management System). Built in Ruby on Rails, and utilizing Edit Preview which is a CMS solution we developed that hosts ROR code on an independent server, and as you edit content the Rails crunches your code, converts it to HTML and uploads it to any server you desire. What’s great about Edit Preview for us is we don’t have to handle Rails hosting set up, and all the head aches that come with transitioning clients to new hosting solutions.

Also, the previous Directorz logo was dated and needed updating. So, since we were launching their new site, everyone agreed we needed a identity as well. Therefore, I designed this new logotype for them.

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